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VULNERABILITY- Unlocking Your Greatness - Group SOP Taster with Becky Vannes

When you’re willing to receive anything and everything and have no point of view about it, then you have total receiving. You are totally vulnerable. "If you are escaping vulnerability, you are also escaping abundance." Gary Douglas
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VULNERABILITY- Unlocking Your Greatness - Group SOP Taster with Becky Vannes

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21 ene. 15:00 GMT-5

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VULNERABILITY- Unlocking Your Greatness - Group SOP Taster with Becky Vannes  

One of the 5 Elements of Intimacy is Vulnerabiltiy! 

Being vulnerable is being able to see what is, not to see what you would wish it to be, and to ask the questions:

1. What is this?

2. What do I do with this?

3. Can I change it?

4. And if so, how do I change it?

Vulnerability means you’re not trying to keep anything out. When you are willing to be as the open wound, then everything you receive has such a level of intensity to it, that you have a hard time rejecting anything. Then you will receive a thousand times greater than you will any other time. If you are totally vulnerable, nobody can control you because you have no fixed points of view for them to go up against in order to try and control you.

"If you are escaping vulnerability, you are also escaping abundance." Gary Douglas

Welcome to having VULNERABILITY- Unlocking Your Greatness 

An SOP group session is a magical place were you leave your mind at home and you are energetically reminded that you have always been this potent being with all the tools required to receive greater in every area of your life! 

Receive more:








and the list goes on.. 

Are you willing to be so potent, so needless, so present as to have that?

If the Universe could Contribute 

Anything to You What Would it Be? 

Join Becky Vannes in this Symphony of Possibilities group Taster session with VULNERABILITY- Unlocking Your Greatness 

Symphony Advanced Practitioner (SAP): Becky Vannes, CF 

When: JAN 21 ND, 2020 at 3:00 pm EST 

Time & Date Link:Your Time In The World 

Investment: $10 (NEW YEAR GIFT PRICE!) $45 normal price  

What is a Symphony of Possibilities Session?

The Symphony of Possibility (SOP) sessions are about energetic empowerment and change and it can invite you to open up to living in a completely different way

Each session will invite you to a different possibility. Are you ready to take your life beyond what you have decided is possible?

“If you could get anything our of this session, what would it be?”

There will be a recording replay sent out. 

From the last Group SOP Taster session..

'Hey Everyone

I chose last months SOP group taster with

Becky Vannes

I went to a quite space, my body was intense, for me intense is my body getting ready to let go, getting ready to goooo beyond

At the beginning Becky asked what is it you would like to have out of this session, I immediately went to a memory of me on my bike at 6 years at the top of the hill ready to go, no hands no legs, no brakes just gooooooo

My jaws jiggling with the bumps on the road, my eyes wide open, my mouth clenched with excitement, I remember ET when he flew up to the sky, this was my ask to goooo no hands no breaks....

I lay down, zoom camera on and my body got so hot I thought I was gonna explode, then it hit me I dont have to leave, I dont have  to run, I can be with this, Sue drop your barriers I heard Becky say, drop them even more, will you let me in? She asked, I said yes, I could percieve Beckys energy in the room, this was something I had not experienced so far in my life, I was in Cork Ireland, Becky in Florida, I could percieve her hands dancing over my body, beyond

WE were communing, everyone on together, there was a group of us asking to go beyond... We... The energy was dynamic, my body was relaxing...

I woke 90 minutes later, S P A C E

Laughing, looking at my phone and wondering

"what is that?"

Since this session I have been creating like never before, the space of actualisation is relaxation... This is what I have begun to access " ~ SC 

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