Hello My Name is [Insert Limitation]

Hello My Name is [Insert Limitation]


Hello My Name is [Insert Limitation] is a 90-minute, interactive telecall to get free of the limitations you’ve been sticking yourself with based on YOUR definitions of YOU!

Have you ever noticed when you believe in yourself you create miraculous things? 

What if that could be every day living?

What could you create if you didn’t define who, what, when, where or how you have to be?

Who are you? What if you’re more?

What it every where we define ourselves it limits us?

Does your name limit YOU?! 🎸 We spend so much time trying to hold onto the way we have defined ourselves in our life while refusing to be the difference and ROCKSTAR we already are. 🎸 Are you willing and ready to step into this new version of yourself and ask your life to be totally different?


Do you call yourself:







Join John & Becky for a sequel of “Hello My Name is Rockstar!”